A salute to the funny guitar face

Guitar player’s face is a serious medical condition that affects musicians everywhere. Nobody is immuned to guitar player’s face. The symptoms are spastic facial contortions, the constant appearance of either absolute agony or absolute ecstacy. A possible side effect may be constipation.

Some think that this condition is merely an urban legend, but we have documented photographic proof that it exists, and can get to anyone. Even me!

There is very little medical research on the direct cause of guitar player’s face, but with your help we can make sure it doesn’t spread.

“Mommy! Mommy! I want to be a guitarist when I grow up!”

“Now Johnny, you know you can’t do both.”

The kid’s face is absolutely fanstastic.. but its not the only weird thing about this picture. Why is Dad taking off his pants?

Carlos Santana is a master of making it look like it really hurts to play the guitar. This is a well-kept secret of guitar players everywhere. The more we make it look painful, the less people will pick up the guitar and learn to outplay us.

As you can see, Santana has been selling this idea for years. Even before Woodstock he was making us think it hurts.

Still at it, Mr. Santana.

Crop this photo just right and you could win a pulitzer for capturing a live reaction to the 9/11 disaster straight from ground zero.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if the guitar player is ‘really feeling it’ or just has to go to the bathroom.

Sometimes when there are two guitar players in a band you get mixed emotions.

And sometimes you get the very same emotions out of two guitarists.

Another common misconception about guitar playing is that the more wildly you wave your guitar around while you play, the more wildly you will be playing.

The guitar face: Sometimes, you don’t even need a guitar.

Hey B.B. King, I thought the blues was supposed to be about being sad? You don’t look too blue to me.

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This video is Spinal Tap performing “Gimme’ some money” in this clip it is clear that guitar player’s face is contagious. The whole band appears to be suffering. The guitar player’s face during the guitar solo is outstanding.Alright alright, I’ve made enough fun of other musicians and now I suppose its’ my turn. I am not the type of guy who isn’t able to laugh at himself, so here is my guitar face:

and another…

Feel free to insert your own caption in the comments. Show no mercy. I can take it.

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