Guitar News Fix – week 4 01/09

This week’s fix comes a day late, it turns out Tuesdays might be a bad day to run this little feature. I will see what must be done in the next couple weeks and possibly announce a new weekday for the news.

Daniel Lehrman at GuitarPlayer’s center has posted an interesting article discussing Obama’s effect on the music scene that also outlines just how much the new president of the United states knows about music. He even gets us a look at Barrack Obama’s secret record collection.

The legendary 70;’s rock outfit, The Faces may or may not reunite . According to guitarist, Ron Wood they are well on their way. Singer Rod Stewart says it wont be until next year.

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s flea to introduce FleaBass series of bass guitars, via GUITARLIFESTYLE

Strat-o-blogster posted a chat with Scott Henderson that discusses guitar strings and more.

GuitarNoize has posted a video tour of the Electro-Harmonix New York City factory.

Gibson announces limited run ’64 Jeff Beck OxBlood

Franz Ferdinand’s new album available for streaming online.