Sungha Jung – Guitar Prodigy

sungha jungThe 11 year old classical fingerstyle guitarist from South Koreo whose guitar is nearly as big as he is. Sungha Jung says its’ his dream to become a professional fingerstyle guitarist. Seems like he’s already gotten there to me.

Sungha had been watching his Dad play the guitar for a while before deciding to pick one up himself, only a few short years ago. When he is not in school, Sungha can be found practicing for up to three hours a day. Sungha uses a custom guitar to fit his body size body, on it, Thomas Leeb wrote “Keep on grooving to my friend.”

He says it usually takes him about 3 days to learn, practice and then videotape a new song, which he then uploads to his Youtube profile. More difficult peices can take him up to a week. He says he started off by learning music by-ear from the videos he watched online but has recently started using tabs that are available from the authors.

On his page you can find his renditions of artists like Elton John, The Beatles, Nirvana, Bon Jovi and many others. Its hard to say where he will be in ten years if he keeps at this rate, but it is obvious he has a natural talent is destined for greatness. There’s no telling how far his skills can take him.

It is really inspiring to watch this young master at work. Lets put it this way, I’ve been playing guitar for almost as long as he has been alive and cannot compete.

Here he is playing ‘More Than Words’

Kiss from a Rose – Seal

And a rendition of ‘Tears in Heaven’ that I think might make Eric Clapton’s jaw drop

Sungha even has his own interpretations of songs as composed and arranged by fellow Youtube star, Andy McKee.

14 thoughts on “Sungha Jung – Guitar Prodigy

  1. Right handed kid that plays a left handed guitar is amazing, let alone playing like someone with at least 30 years experience. A great young man.


  2. Wow… He has the natural talent and his hard work of-course. i noticed him…he just gets lost in the guitar melodies completely… I wish i could g et some coaching from him. :-)

    3 Cheers to Shanug Jung
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!

  3. makes me not even care about pearl harbor and the atrocities his people visited upon the US. It’s all about the music now.

  4. What a rediculous thing to say, wow…..
    Do you really find it that hard to not think about a war that he had absolutely nothing to do with when you watch him play????

    Americans are so narrow minded it is unfathomable. How many atrocities has the United States visited upon other countries and races even just in the last few years and you can’t look past the fact that he is an asian because of an attack that was decades ago?

    I hope your country sinks so you can stop giving the rest of North America a bad name.

    Love and Kisses – The TRUE North. Strong and free (and Mexico is cool too)

  5. WOW you make me sick. If my history lessons (that I learned in America) are true. The Koreans were also being attacked by the Japanese at the same time Pearl Harbor happened. This young man may be one of the greats of out time and you only see hate……Get help!

  6. Absolutely brilliant! I found him today (8.2.2012) while looking on youtube for blues guitar music, he was a related video that was listed. SUPERB

  7. “# wowon 01 Jan 2010 at 3:13 am edit this

    makes me not even care about pearl harbor and the atrocities his people visited upon the US. It’s all about the music now.”

    What a crass remark from a person who cannot even bring up enough geographic knowledge to distinguish between Korea and Japan!
    Even then, what does an 11 year old kid have to do with historic events that took place 60 years ago?
    I have been watching this kid for three years now and am amazed by his talent and dedication, and most of all his unconditional willingness to share. May he be blessed!

  8. my jaw dropped and i was totally mesmerized just watching this young and naturally talented little guy this weekend. My thanks to him for sharing his gift to us “free of charge” on you tube.

    to “wow”– you’re a moron! what an idiotic, low-life, stupid-@ss thing to say.

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