Greatest unsolved mysteries in rock music

The Beatles Mystery Chord

The Beatles mystery chord refers to the first chord of Hard Day’s Night. It was first believed to be a G7sus4, but guitarist, George Harrison later revealed that he was playing an F chord with a G on top and the rest of the frequencies were produced by the rest of the band playing other notes and chords at the same time. For 40 years nobody knew exactly what the combination of notes and chords was. Recently, a mathematician cracked the code and solved the mystery behind the Hard Day’s Night chord.

Unknown Mystery 60′s Group

In 1997 a CD was released containing songs from a reel-to-reel tape by an unknown band found in a flea market. No information was given except for the song titles written on the box of the tape. Members of the “unknown group” were asked to contact the record label owners through classified advertisements. Nobody knows for sure who the band members are or if the songs were even recorded in the sixties. Many believe the whole thing to be an elaborate hoax dreamed up by marketing executives.

The Unsolved Death of Jim Morrison

There are no records of the official cause of Jim Morrison’s death. He was found by his girlfriend in a bathtub. Heart failure is one possible cause, an overdose of heroine is another. No autopsy was ever performed leaving the actual cause of his untimely death at the age of 27 up for debate.

Did John Lennon hide his love away?

It was no secret The Beatle’s manager Brian Epstein was gay. Rumours have spread that John Lennon and Brian Epstein shared a secret affair on a trip to Spain in 1963. Some even think the song “Hide Your Love Away” is actually about Epstein. The truth behind this musical mystery was buried with Brian Epstein August 29th 1967.

Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home on April 8th, 1994 having suffered a fatal shotgun wound to the head. Although the death was officially ruled as suicide it is widely speculated that something much more sinister took place. Fingers have been pointed at his wife, Courtney Love. Some even believe that the band’s drummer, Dave Grohl killed Cobain out of jealousy. Grohl now fronts the the band The Foo Fighters.

Robert Johnson

There is a lot of mystery surrounding this infamous delta blues guitarist. It is widely believed that he sold his soul to the devil. It is also widely believed that his untimely death was a direct result of the devil collecting his due. Although it is speculated that Johnson was given strychnine by a jealous husband, nobody knows for sure just how he died. Another mystery surrounding Johnson is the fact that he and so many other notable musicians died at the age of 27 , many of them inexplicably.

Solved! The mystery that has plagued humankind for centuries!

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