Fender VS Gibson part II – Strat takes on the Les Paul

The Fender Strat beat the Gibson SG hands down in our previous poll. Although it was a close race (the Stratocaster won by a %55 majority) the comments indicated the stratocaster to be a favourite early on.

I decided to continue on and see how the Strat does up against another one of its’ major competitors, the Gibson Les Paul. We only recieved 85 votes in the previous poll so I’m hoping to see a lot more voters this time around. You don’t need to register or be logged in to vote in this poll so go ahead and share your opinion with us.

Fender Strat VS. Gibson Les Paul
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I found it interesting that so many people found the Les Paul to be a more suitable competitor for the Fender Stratocaster when it comes to Gibson VS Fender. As I stated in the last poll the SG was actually introduced by Gibson to be a direct competitor to the Fender Strat which was then outselling the Les Paul.

3 thoughts on “Fender VS Gibson part II – Strat takes on the Les Paul

  1. I had to cast my vote for the strat. This is simply a personal choice because the strat has a slightly smaller neck and is easier for me to play. Both of these are excellent guitars having owned both I know from experience. They both have their own sound which sets them apart and and have left their mark on rock-n-roll forever as classics. Thank God for both of them…Lowell Henderson http://flybizs.com/pages/index.php

  2. Don’t you know that Les Paul is the most popular, best and mostly widely used electric guitar? Amazing!

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