The Beatles: Rock Band

Yes. It is here. Well…okay it’s not actually here right now, but the point is that it is coming. And that date is 09.09.09. I don’t know why people like to release on dates where all the numbers line up, but well we only have three more years that we can do that for so whatever.

Anyway, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon, Olivia Harrison, Dhani Harrison, and Giles Martin have gotten together to decide that it is time to spread the awesome fatal musical mastery of the Beatles to the world through the genious of video games. Apple Corps Ltd., Harmonix and MTV have some have now broken the power struggle between Guitar Hero and Rockband because everyone knew that whoever gets the Beatles, beats the game. As┬áJohn Drake put it, Apple Corps Ltd. “respected and appreciated what Harmonix does creatively for rhythm games”. And yes, that quote is from Wikipedia, there are just very limited sources on the matter.

Initially, I was all for Guitar Hero III even when Rock Band had first come out with its fancy drum kit, but once the next wave had come out, Rock Band 2 with its all of its community support, gameplay features and large DLC library had just demolished Guitar Hero: World Tour even with its nifty new drumset and the fact that it had Hendrix’s songs.

As for now, the waiting is the longest part. Five months to go, but if you can’t wait, I’m sure you can always just pre-order like I plan to.