The Epiphone inspection process


Epiphone posted an interesting look at their inspection and quality control process today. It allows you to see the tedious work that goes into inspecting each and every guitar before it goes into stores. Each and every instrument that leaves Epiphone’s Asia factory undergoes a rigorous 15 point inspection before hitting stores in the U.S. and now Epiphone is allowing us a candid look at the process.

I wonder if this is the guy who handled my Epi Dot model before I purchased it at Jett Landry music in Sudbury, Ontario.

Epiphone new releases for 2009

Epiphone has a brand new mobile version of their website formatted for the iPhone. My guess is they are hoping iPhoners will want to buy their guitars and accesories while they are on the go. Maybe shop for guitars while they are on the train? Head over to the epiphone site on your handheld device to check out their new mobile version.

Zakk Wylde ZV Custom: Considered to be one of the five most valuable metal guitarists of all time, Zakk Wylde’s new custom Epi is sure to sound crunchy.

Thunderbird PRO: Building on the success of the Thunderbird Bass, Epiphone introduced the new professional series Thunderbird PROs,  in both 4 and 5 string versions. The original rock and roll bass with the distinctive shape combines traditional design elements with new technology with custom active electronics and EQ.

1962 Wilshire Vintage Reissue:  Original Wilshire guitars sold for an MSRP of $210 and are now worth anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on condition. The reissue 1962 Wilshire will be produced in cherry finish and limited to only 100 instruments worldwide.

Apparition – Marcus Henderson Signature

The Marcus Henderson Apparition Signature Guitar – Wow what a slick looking axe.

Marcus Henderson,  best known for being the heavy-metal guitar player behind the guitar parts in the video game series “Guitar Hero,” has joined forces with Epiphone Guitar of Nashville, TN to design and create the new “Apparition” signature guitar. With a shape reminiscent of an Explorer or Futura, the new Apparition takes guitar design to the extreme with sharper angles, a unique “patent-applied-for” All-Access? heel contour and high-performance pickups, controls and hardware to create a guitar that’s perfect for every guitar hero.

The new Apparition starts with an active set of EMG humbuckers including an EMG-81 pickup in the bridge position and an EMG-85 in the neck position. With their distinctive tone capable of high output levels with zero noise, EMG’s are ideally suited for high-volume hard-rock and metal. Controlling the two pickups is a Master Volume and Master Tone with 3-way pickup selector. For the first time ever, a momentary, spring-loaded “kill-button” comes standard and allows the player to create amazing effects – particularly in combination with the tremolo. Equipped with a double-locking, Floyd Rose original tremolo and a special designed tremolo cavity, pitch can be lowered or raised with excellent return-to-pitch accuracy. Epiphone’s new “patent-t-applied-for” StrapLocks are included with every Apparition making sure that this guitar will not fly off the strap even under the most extreme performance conditions.

To allow Marcus, as well as all other guitar warriors, complete and easy access to all of the Apparition’s 24 nickel/silver Jumbo frets, Epiphone engineers came up with a new “All-Access?” heel design. With a carved-out flat area that extends well past the heel and glued-in neck joint, this design makes playing high up the neck as effortless as never before. Adding to the Apparition’s playing speed and comfort is Epiphone?s “SpeedTaper?” satin finish neck. Originally designed for the new Prophecy collection of guitars, this U-shaped neck profile allows for blistering guitar riffs with minimal fatigue.

The body of the Apparition is solid Mahogany topped with highly figured, hand-stained Quilt Maple. Combined with a solid Mahogany glued-in neck creates a deep rich tone with excellent sustain. Both the neck and the six-on-a-side headstock are bound to create a smooth and finished appearance. To add a finishing touch to this one-of-a-kind axe, adorning the Apparition’s Ebony fingerboard in mother-of-pearl and centered at the 12th-fret are inlaid “Crossed Scythes.” All-metal, pearl inlaid knobs compliment the guitars Midnight Ebony finish while Marcus’ signature on the back of the headstock completes the package.