Ibanez Roadstar RS 230 Rd

ibanez roadstar

This is my little gem of a guitar from the 80′s. Long before the Ibanez 7 string joined the ranks of ‘skid guitars’ popularized by oh-so-lame Nu-Metal bands I lucked out at a hock shop and picked up my Ibanez Roadstar II RS 230 RD for around $250 as a quick replacement around 2002. I didn’t know at the time what a classic electric guitar this was. The Roadstar II is considered to be one of the most well made and reliable guitars ever built.

The thing that drew me to it in the first place was the three v7t single coil pickups which were unlike any electric guitar pickups I had ever seen. The looked like tiny little rails across the shape of a normal guitar pickup. They sound amazing.  The Ibanez Roadstar guitars were initially introduced as ‘hot-rod’ strat copies but mine has a distinctive ‘telecaster’ type of tone in my opinion.

The photo above is obviously not my guitar, mine has a few scratches and love marks. It is also covered with stickers as I decided the Roadstar II was the definitive punk-rock guitar a few years back and laid almost every sticker I own onto it. Currently mine is non-operational. When I bought it the pickups were not wired properly and one of my “I can fix anything” moments lead to its’ untimely demise. Still, if I had the money I would have it fixed. There have been many nights I laid in bed awake thinking of what I could sell in order to afford its’ refurbishing, but there just doesn’t seem to be any gear I can part with.