Leaf Trombone: First Massively Multi-player, Musical Game for the iPhone

The makers of Ocarina, a highly popular and successful wind instrument app for the iPhone, presented a sneak peek of the Leaf Trombone World Stage at Apple’s iPhone 3.0 event last month.  As the name suggests, anyone can perform a tune on the Leaf Trombone before a global audience.  Here are some YouTube videos of what it does:

When the Saints…

A player can also request a panel of self-appointed judges, randomly selected from anywhere in the world, providing an instant critique of the performance, using a combination of emoticons and text.  Judges can reward a performance or veto it mid-note.

The World Stage will separate the Music Gods from the Wannabes. “People can play at home, alone, as badly as they want.  It’s like singing in the shower.  Where’s the challenge? The thrill?” asks Smule CTO and co-founder Dr. Ge Wang.  “We are inviting people to abandon their egos and put it all out there, before a global audience and a potentially merciless tribunal.”

Inspired by traditional Chinese leaf instruments, Smule’s Leaf Trombone is ideally suited to both the iPhone and iPod touch platform.  Users move the slide up and down to change pitch, and, with iPhones, blow into the microphone to create sound.  Leaf Trombone ships with a group of songs already loaded, so users can immediately begin learning how to play the instrument.  A music box provides accompaniment, and floating leaves show beginners where to place the slide to achieve the correct note.   Once users have mastered a song, they’re ready to perform on the World Stage.

“Leaf Trombone was developed to unleash people’s creativity and their inner rock star.” said Wang.  “Now, with the Leaf Trombone, anyone can perform on the World Stage.”

Epiphone new releases for 2009

Epiphone has a brand new mobile version of their website formatted for the iPhone. My guess is they are hoping iPhoners will want to buy their guitars and accesories while they are on the go. Maybe shop for guitars while they are on the train? Head over to the epiphone site on your handheld device to check out their new mobile version.

Zakk Wylde ZV Custom: Considered to be one of the five most valuable metal guitarists of all time, Zakk Wylde’s new custom Epi is sure to sound crunchy.

Thunderbird PRO: Building on the success of the Thunderbird Bass, Epiphone introduced the new professional series Thunderbird PROs,  in both 4 and 5 string versions. The original rock and roll bass with the distinctive shape combines traditional design elements with new technology with custom active electronics and EQ.

1962 Wilshire Vintage Reissue:  Original Wilshire guitars sold for an MSRP of $210 and are now worth anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on condition. The reissue 1962 Wilshire will be produced in cherry finish and limited to only 100 instruments worldwide.

Transform your iPhone into a wind instrument

I received a news release earlier this week about something that really blew my mind. My girlfriend and I sat here in awe watching YouTube videos trying to decide if this iPhone App was real or fake.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/RhCJq7EAJJA" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

But there it is in the iPhone Apps store for $0.99 so I guess it is real. Ocarina is software that allows your iPhone to react to your touch and breath like a real wind instrument. Blow on the touch-sensitive screen at varying degrees of pressure to affect the sound it produces. Ocarina works in real time and responds to gestures to your wind input, tilt, and finger placement over the four ‘holes’ overlaid on the multi-touch pad.

Ocarina comes to the iPhone courtesy of Smule , an innovative mobile audio developer responsible for three other musical iPhone applications. Smule’s founder, Dr. Ge Wang is the author of the Chuck Programming language and also directs the Standford Laptop Orchestra