Guitar News Fix – week 1 02/09


First news fix of February

GuitarLifestyle has posted an interview with Jeff Beck in light of Gibson’s latest tribute guitar.

What if musical notes had their own programming language ? Create Digital Music takes an interesting looks at what makes composing music and programming similar.

Leonard Cohen books first U.S. show in 15 years.

Neal Young releases new video.

Paul McCartney among headliners for Coachella.

Blink 182 to reunite at 2009 Grammy Awards for the first time since 2004.

Can guitar rising teach you guitar ? The new psuedo-Guitar Hero game uses your own guitar.

Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper among guest on new Pushking album .

Behringer reaches its’ 20th anniversary , Uli Behringer reflects.

Hold on little girl! Mr. Big Reunites !

Ever wonder how guitar amps are made ? I have. Guitar Noize has posted a video from Discovery’s How Stuff’s Made.

Guitar News Fix – week 4 01/09

This week’s fix comes a day late, it turns out Tuesdays might be a bad day to run this little feature. I will see what must be done in the next couple weeks and possibly announce a new weekday for the news.

Daniel Lehrman at GuitarPlayer’s center has posted an interesting article discussing Obama’s effect on the music scene that also outlines just how much the new president of the United states knows about music. He even gets us a look at Barrack Obama’s secret record collection.

The legendary 70;’s rock outfit, The Faces may or may not reunite . According to guitarist, Ron Wood they are well on their way. Singer Rod Stewart says it wont be until next year.

Red Hot Chili Pepper’s flea to introduce FleaBass series of bass guitars, via GUITARLIFESTYLE

Strat-o-blogster posted a chat with Scott Henderson that discusses guitar strings and more.

GuitarNoize has posted a video tour of the Electro-Harmonix New York City factory.

Gibson announces limited run ’64 Jeff Beck OxBlood

Franz Ferdinand’s new album available for streaming online.

Guitar News Fix – week 3 01/09

Slash to perform at  2009 Heroes Red, White & Blue Inaugural Ball today at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.

NAMM 2009 videos are up – Recaps and exclusive video from the 2009 National Association of Music Merchants Trade show. Ibanez and ESP guitars threw buckets of paint over new websites and guitars.

The man who named the Stratocaster , marketing genius behind Fender guitars dead at 91.

Ready to get offended? Ok, then count to ten with GuitarWorld as they review the Stupidest band names of all time .

Artists who sell their music on EarBuzz retain %100 of revenue . EarBuzz promises artists full revenue off sales of their music

Green Day wraps up new album . The long awaited follow up to 2004′s American Idiot is expected out this year.

Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper Gets Reggae Makeover. The Easy Star All-Stars, known for remakes of Radiohead’s OK Computer and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, have announced plans to release a reggae version of The Beatles’ legendary Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

U2 Streaming new single . After years of work, U2 are finally nearing the release of their much anticipated new album, “No Line On The Horizon”.

Ryan Adams elaborates on his desicion to quit music . Lets hope my shouting “play summer of ’69″ at his gigs had nothing to do with this.

Metallica, Run-DMC and Jeff Beck lead Aprils Rock HalloFame inductees.

Guitar news fix week 2 – 01/09

Welcome to the first weekly instalment of Guitar News Fix

Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 discusses possible blink reunion . It has been 4 years since they broke up and Hoppus indicates drummer, Travis Barker’s recent airplane may have brought the boys back together.

For the second time in recent weeks U2 warns fans of bogus tour tickets . The band is currently recording an album, and despite online claims have no official tour plans.

Fender introduces Road-Worn guitars . Who wouldn’t want a brand new guitar that looks like it has been tied to the back of a pickup and dragged from Willy Nelson’s ranch to Neil Young’s childhood home.

B.C. Rich introduces Kerry King model . The definitive metal guitar have hooked up with the definitive metal manic, Slayer’s Kerry King, to bring the ultimate metal guitar with a unique shape and appeal.

Led Zeppelin is done for good this time, manager says.

Metallica’s Death Magnetic is internet album for 2008 . How ironic that just a short time ago these guys were completely terrified of the internet. Good for them, it only took them about 12 years to catch up with the times. Napster Bad!! Morons.

Guitar titans Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck to share the stage . Feb. 21-22, Clapton and Beck will play two concerts in Japan. Despite their parallel histories, Clapton and Beck have previously joined forces only at recording sessions, benefits and several festivals.

John Lennon appears in charity spot for one laptop per child program.

Guitar News fix is a brand new segment for , I am pleased to announce the start of this weekly instalment. Each Tuesday I will compress and summarize top stories and news items in the world of guitar playing from around the web. Don’t forget to sign up for free instant guitar updates in your RSS reader of choice to stay in the know.