WordPress Theme Club

I have been working with WordPress since about 2009 in its’ earlier form. I have designed many themes as well as having seen many design fads come and go.

For beautiful and professional looking themes, I recommend is Elegant Themes. They have so many themes and the low annual membership price of just $39 stays the same no matter how many themes are added.

With 80 themes currently in stock the price is less than $0.50 cents per theme.

I use these themes for client web sites, minisites, squeeze pages and even online stores. They have a specialized theme for nearly any type of site, each with its own unique features and shortcodes.

Along with the included features these themes also allow for easy customization of background images, logos, custom colors and font selection.

Elegant Themes offer great support and an awesome community as well.

Excellent for designers, developers and business owners. A must-have for those who offer WordPress setup and customization services.